Sports Massage

This style of massage is ideal for the prevention and treatment of injuries and tense muscles. If you exercise regularly or want to improve your general physical fitness, you will improve your flexibility and so perform better.

Sports massage can be used in conjunction with either a rehabilitation programme or as part of a training programme. You should have a massage before a sporting event as part of your warm-up, if possible, during the interval at your event to release tight muscles which may be preventing your peak performance and immediately afterwards as part of your cool-down to release tight, sore and overworked muscles and help prevent muscle soreness. an ultrasonic massager may be used for particularly tense areas and warm wax may be used to treat very tender areas. For a Deep Tissue Massage you do not move, whereas during a Sports Massage you may need to move into positions which enable me to reach deeper, tighter muscles and release tension in joints and improve mobility.

The five main benefits of this treatment is:

  • To maintain the whole body in a peak physical condition
  • To prevent recurring injuries in previously damaged muscles
  • Aid recovery in injured muscles
  • Improve personal performance
  • Obtain greater flexibility in muscles that have become tight with overuse faster recovery after sporting events

Exercises or stretches may be prescribed to aid the effect of the treatments.