Reflexology is a holistic complementary therapy. Its purpose is to treat the whole person, rather than a symptom on the grounds that a symptom such as pain or a skin rash is usually the sign of an external problem. It is based on the presence of 10 energy zones within the body. These zones ascend from the base of the body to the top of the head. They are mapped on the hands and feet of a person.

Hands and feet precisely mirror our body and a reflexology practitioner can detect energy blockages by feeling tense, granular-like deposits in the meridian endings that correspond to the different functions and organs of the body. Feet are among the most sensitive parts of our bodies, so an ideal area for reflexology treatments.

Reflexology is carried out by gently massaging then manipulating (walking fingers and thumbs) over the whole foot or hand, stimulating the reflex points which represent all the systems of the body. It is a relaxing treatment and you should drink plenty of water afterwards to flush out any waste products and help your kidneys work efficiently. Reflexology enhances circulation and the nerve supply to all organs so there is a balancing effect which restores the body’s homeostasis – the body’s equilibrium.