This form of exercise is based on the theories of Joseph Pilates who designed the principles for his clients who suffered with a variety of ailments and his beliefs were that if a person had a good stable base to work from, they would be able to exercise and perform everyday activities more safely.

Many of his ideas are still very relevant to today’s lifestyles and his principles are being used in many fitness disciplines.

Pilates is not an exercise that can be taught in one session. It takes time to be able to perform the exercises safely and understand the benefits.

Modern Pilates is designed to offer smooth flowing movements from a stable base. Each movement comes from a strong centre. The aim is to realign muscles and open up, stand correctly and improve balance.

In a world of comfortable sofas, long distance driving and sitting in front of computers, our muscles have become loose where we need them to be firm, and tight where we need them to be flexible.

How do your hands feel when you stretch your fingers? Tight, stiff and fairly inflexible? Now think about your shoulders and back, do your shoulders spend time around your ears? Does your back ache when you arrive at your destination after a long drive?

Pilates classes concentrate on posture and alignment, if you have a genetic or medical condition, a course of classes will not heal you, but it will help you understand your body and possibly stop any further deterioration. The sessions include stretches, specific exercises for muscle groups and breathing exercises to help you to relax.

Modern Pilates looks at your whole lifestyle, and the exercises work your whole self - mind and body. When you first contact me, I will ask you a selection of health questions and you will be required to complete a health questionnaire. This will ensure I can help you to gain your full potential from the sessions. The form will be stored confidentially for a period of 3 years. Your information is not used for any marketing purposes.

If you have been referred by a medical specialist, I will need details about your condition so you can exercise safely.
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