Male Grooming

Removing hair from menís bodies is not simply about vanity. Hygiene also plays a part, as well as comfort, especially in hot weather. There are two methods of temporary hair removal which we carry out.


If you are conscious about patches of hair growth across your back and shoulders, removing hair by waxing will give smooth results, and over time, the regrowth will reduce as the hair roots become weaker. Although it can be uncomfortable the first time you have this treatment carried out, each time the hair is removed, the weakened roots resist less, so the process takes less time, is less painful and the results last longer. It is advisable to have the first treatment a few days before you plan to go on holiday to allow your skin to recover. Treatment time depends on the volume of hair to be treated.

Immediately after your treatment, it is completely normal to feel a slight tingling over the area and your skin may appear pink and slightly spotty. You may also notice some blood spots where the roots have broken through the skin. You are advised not to swim, bathe or take a hot shower for 24 hours after a treatment to allow your skin to de-sensitise. Gently applying soothing lotion will relieve any discomfort.


This treatment is ideal for men with large areas of hair growth. It is not generally appropriate to wax large areas as it is very difficult to create a natural look. Usually men with excess body hair, also have hair on their arms; so to completely remove hair from the torso will leave arms appearing disproportionably hirsute (hairy) and attract attention to the area instead of diverting attention away from it.

It is not possible to treat anyone with any skin conditions and a full consultation will take place before any treatment is carried out. If you have any medical conditions which may affect you during or after a treatment, these must be disclosed either at the time of making your appointment or during the consultation.