Hot Stone Therapy

This is the ultimate in relaxation and de-stressing.

I use natural basalt stones which are excellent in retaining heat and hold natural energy.

There are two methods of massaging with basalt stones. One is with warm stones and the other is with hot stones. I work with hot stones which are heated in water and kept at a high temperature until I use them. I use them to massage so they warm your skin on contact which helps you to relax and unwind. This treatment is wonderful if you feel cold or have had a particularly busy and tiring week. By using them either flat or on their side, I can work deep into the tissue or lightly across tender or sensitive areas.

Hot Stone Massage is so effective because it works in harmony with the various massage techniques I use and promotes a sense of balance and well-being. The conductive aspect of the hot stones produces direct results on the body and the energy conduction they hold influences changes in the body, giving energy and balance, restoring and rejuvenating the body and releasing any blockages along the meridian channels. These powerful transformational energies when integrated with human touch impact their natural antidote to, ionic distortion.

This style of massage helps your circulation and muscle tension is released quickly.

The stones will create a balancing, meditative experience leaving you comforted, soothed and grounded at the end of the treatment.