Cupping Therapy

Cupping has been used for many thousands of years and has been passed down from generation to generation.

Cupping can treat many conditions including rheumatism, digestive disorders and other general conditions such as headaches, fatigue etc. However my interest lies with treating clients with muscle tension and discomfort. Cupping stimulates the circulatory system as it raises skin temperature and helps to remove impurities from the blood like massage.

There are various styles of cups available, and the two I use are and rubber style. The process is not painful, and clients should not feel uncomfortable at any time during their treatment.

Cupping can be used independently to massage as a stand alone treatment or at the end of the following massages: Swedish, Sports or Deep Tissue - but before Aromatherapy so that energy is stimulated first and clients can enjoy and benefit of the oils and soothing massage afterwards.

During your initial consultation, We will discuss your medical history and ensure I am completely satisfied that Cupping is appropriate for you and relevant to your expectations and requirements of your booked treatment.

The procedure for cupping is to create a vacuum in the glass cup and place it quickly onto your skin. It is left on for varying lengths of time from 30 seconds to two minutes. For your first treatment, the cups will be left on for the minimum time to allow me to judge your body’s reaction to them.

Cupping will leave marks on your skin. These are not bruises but markings showing where the cups have been placed. They will disappear between 5 and 10 days’ time, depending on the healing process your body is undergoing. After 24 hours, your body will have recovered from the treatment, although you should be aware that any marks on your skin will attract attention from people who are not familiar with this therapy.

After your treatment, you should care for your body exactly as after any other massage treatment. For 24 hours you should also avoid alcohol and fizzy drinks. You may undergo a healing crisis and feel tearful, tired or simply lethargic, or you may feel invigorated and re-energised. Please permit your body to recover and drink natural water to help your body to flush out the toxins which have been stimulated from the muscles. Please avoid taking hot baths as your skin will be sensitive.