After your consultation we choose the essential oils which will help you to benefit from your massage both emotionally and physically; if you are exhausted and need invigorating, or stressed and wish to unwind, have tight muscles or any other conditions that I can work on, the blend of oils will assist in the massage.

Essential oils will uplift, calm or sedate and it is important that you like the aroma of the oils you choose as they are absorbed into your body through your olfactory system (nasal breathing). Essential oils are diluted in carrier oils which also have healing properties so are ideal if you suffer with any skin conditions or have very dry or oily skin - the blend is prepared to suit your individual needs.

Aromatherapy massage is carried out using slow moves to relax you and improve circulation and aid lymphatic drainage. Acupressure and shiatsu moves are also used to focus on tight/tense areas and release any blockages along your meridian lines to help your body to work efficiently. As with all products on the market, different brands offer different qualities. I use Kobashi products which are animal free so suitable for vegans and are made from natural plants using organic methods.

Please note that not all oils are suitable or appropriate so during your consultation, please do mention any medication you are taking or have any conditions which may affect the effects of the oils on your body or skin.

There are other ways of benefiting from aromatherapy oils, so you may wish to burn them or add a few drops to cotton wool and place them on radiators at home or work. They can also be added to a tissue and if you are suffering with a cold, Eucalyptus oil helps to clear sinuses and help you to breathe more freely.

You should allow about 1 hr 30 minutes for your appointment and the oils may stain your clothing so please do not wear delicate fabrics.